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Kimberly Day, MSW, is deputy director of National Children’s Alliance, where she directs organizational operations and is highly involved in the national child welfare public policy arena. Prior to her tenure at NCA, she coordinated efforts of the National Coalition to End Child Abuse Deaths in Washington, D.C., and served more than 20 years as a child welfare social worker and leader. Kim received her master’s degree from the University of Maine.

What Others' Trauma Leaves Behind

Kim DayJune 22, 2017
Research Into Practice
The American Counseling Association’s Traumatology Interest Network (2014) defines vicarious trauma as “the emotional residue from hearing other people’s trauma stories and becoming witness to the pain, fear, and terror the trauma survivor endured” (Network, 2014).  Being witness to another’s pain can cause us to see the world differently.  Individuals working with, and hearing the stories of people who have experienced trauma...Continue