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Carole Campbell Swiecicki, Ph.D., is the Executive Director of The Dee Norton Lowcountry Children’s Center (DNLCC) in Charleston, SC—an accredited member of NCA. She also serves on the Executive Committee of NCA's Board of Directors chair of the Accreditation Committee. Dr. Swiecicki is a clinical psychologist and a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Medical University of South Carolina Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

Sustaining an Evidence-Based Practice

Carole SwiecickiJune 27, 2017
Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) have come a long way in the last 30 years.  We have added services and interventions based on solid research—evidence-based practices (EBPs)—all the while maintaining a passion for ensuring that these practices put children on a better path than before they came through our doors. Because the research has come so far, there are now many EBPs to choose from that are tailored to meet specific needs of c...Continue