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Turning a Tech Talk into a ’Nology Walk

When I sat down to write this post, I had just returned home from visiting a child advocacy center after training their team on a new cloud-based video management solution. The CAC I visited conducts more than 2,000 child forensic interviews per year, and my mind was full with all the ways CACs can benefit… Continue Reading

2017 CAC Coverage Maps

National Children’s Alliance is dedicated to making Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) services available to every child in the country.  To monitor progress on this mission, NCA creates maps each year for all 50 states that depict CAC locations and select details about the areas they cover. To find out more about CAC coverage in your… Continue Reading

Child Physical Abuse

A Guide to the CAC Response Despite the fact that CACs serve many more victims of child sexual abuse than they do victims of child physical abuse (CPA), federal data show that physical abuse is far more common, potentially indicating that CACs without a specialized response to physical abuse may be unequipped to serve a… Continue Reading

State Laws Defining CACs

An NCA Policy Brief Print This Brief State statutes that clearly define Children’s Advocacy Centers and their role in the response to allegations of criminal child abuse greatly enhance the ability for the model to develop services, expand coverage and pursue additional resources, particularly state funding. Chapters and CACs in states without so-called defining legislation… Continue Reading

Use Your Results: Telling Your Story Through OMS

The first step to using your OMS data is knowing where to find it within your online account.  Our Part Two training webinar is specifically designed to walk you through this process, so please use the following information to check it out today! Part Two: OMS Training for Creating Reports & Sharing Results – This… Continue Reading


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Legislative Advocacy Toolkit for CACs

A Resource for CACs: Legislative Advocacy from A to Z. Use this Legislative Advocacy Toolkit for CACs to build your understanding of the legislative process, find messages that work, and secure the resources that CACs need at the state, federal, and local levels. Contents (Click on a title to jump to that section. For ease… Continue Reading

Legislative Updates

Legislative Updates Each week, NCA’s Director of Government Affairs, Denise Edwards, presents informative webinars and podcasts with in-depth analyses of legislation and other areas of interest on Capitol Hill.  These webinars and podcasts are archived for your convenience. June 27, 2016 Seminar – DOL Overtime Rule and CACs June 20, 2016 Seminar May… Continue Reading

What bits do what? An international lens on the complexities of the CAC model

In Australia, Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) have been raised as a way to improve responses to child abuse based on the demonstrated benefits of this approach in the United States. However, there are some important differences between jurisdictions in the U.S. and Australia that need to be considered in adapting the approach. For one, many… Continue Reading

What Others’ Trauma Leaves Behind

The American Counseling Association’s Traumatology Interest Network (2014) defines vicarious trauma as “the emotional residue from hearing other people’s trauma stories and becoming witness to the pain, fear, and terror the trauma survivor endured” (Network, 2014).  Being witness to another’s pain can cause us to see the world differently.  Individuals working with, and hearing the… Continue Reading